Dwyane Wade Opens Up About Fathering Child With Another Woman

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Dwyane Wade has revealed how he told his wife, Gabrielle Union, that he fathered a child with another woman during a break in their relationship.

During an appearance on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay podcast, Wade opened up about fathering his son, Xavier, which he said almost led to the end of his relationship with Union.

Wade said he tried to break off the relationship in 2013, thinking it was the best move for both of them.

“I tried to pussyfoot around it, I tried to break up with her,” Wade told Sharpe. “‘Hey, things have been bad lately,’ ‘Hey, we’ve been having a little distance in our relationship anyway,’ I tried all of that. She kept showing up.”

Wade said he had to have a "hard conversation" with Union about fathering a child with another woman.

“You’re thinking about it all, it’s all scary,” Wade said. “One, the whole situation is scary enough, you're a public figure. But you know that this is going to hurt someone that you’ve been building a relationship with and a life with.”

“No matter what people say on the outside, or what people want to think, ultimately you gotta sit with you, and you gotta sit with this person, and I had to sit with my wife and have this conversation," he continued.

The couple ultimately moved to get engaged in December 2013 and tie the knot the following August.

“It hasn’t been perfect, it will never be perfect but that was nine years ago,” Wade said of their past relationship struggles. “We go to therapy, we’ve had shouts about it, we’ve had regular conversations about, and so it’s been something that going to be something that I have to work at and work on.”

“It doesn’t go away because years come or because I say ‘sorry,’" Wade added.

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