Twitter Reacts To White Woman Winning Miss Universe Zimbabwe

Photo: Getty Images

A white woman being crowned Miss Universe Zimbabwe has received mixed reactions on social media.

On Saturday (September 16), 21-year-old Zimbabwe native Brooke Bruk-Jackson, who is white, won the coveted crown, per Essence.

A number of social media users were critical of a white woman representing Zimbabwe, a country in Africa that is predominantly Black.

"We know white people exist in Africa. That’s not the point. The point is a white person was chosen to represent the beauty in Africa instead of an African woman!! So stop acting stupid like y’all don’t see the issue!!!" one person commented on Instagram.

"This like giving Taylor Swift a BET Award," another commenter said.

"What in the United States is going on in Africa!!" a third person chimed in.

Other social media users pointed out that Bruk-Jackson qualified for the competition because she's a Zimbabwe native.

"SHE IS ZIMBABWEAN THROUGH AND THROUGH you do realise the judging criteria is not black or white and people are not dismissed because of the colour of their skin," one Instagram user said.

Bruk-Jackson is set to represent Zimbabwe at the Miss Universe pageant in November.

See more social media reactions to her win below.

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